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Quotes on Inspection

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Tom Sparkes Instrument Repairs truly set the industry standard

We are Australia’s finest woodwind and brass repairers. When it comes to servicing and repairing instruments, my team at Tom Sparkes Instrument Repairs truly set the industry standard. I genuinely believe we are the best. We repair...

Flutes and Piccolos
Oboes, Oboe d’amore and Cor Anglais
French Horns
Baritones, Euphoniums and Tubas
Guitar Restrings
Electric Guitar Services

Plus many more woodwind and brass, antique, obscure and rare instruments.

Why your instrument needs servicing?

Reasons most instruments don’t play properly, and what you can do about it.
  1. It’s been played for too long without maintenance… People often think they have a bad reed, or are out of practice when it’s the instrument not working. 

  2. It was serviced badly… Only the most experienced repairer can get the best from your instrument.

  3. It never worked properly from new… Many instruments aren’t set up properly from the factory or have suffered transit damage, or have settled and aren’t performing to potential.

  4. It’s not a good instrument… Many instruments, particularly cheap imports and those bought over the internet are designed so poorly that they’ll never work well.

  5. No one told me I had to get it serviced… Many teachers forget to tell their students about the importance of regular care and maintenance. Some people just don’t realise.

A more thorough job with unmatched attention to detail.

Genuine parts and materials

Use only the best materials like genuine double skin pads, natural cork and woven felt.

Quick turnaround time

Your repair is completed in a short timeframe (I know what it’s like to be
without your instrument).

Satisfaction Guarantee, so you have absolute peace of mind your instrument is in good hands.

Attention to detail


A finely tuned instrument allows a musician to reveal their gift 
- a true reflection of their talent and dedication
We follow a thorough system to ensure
                            every instrument reaches its potential...




to you

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to work

Leak light examination

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With an eagle eye, your Technician inspects every millimetre of your instrument.  We look for dents, check all screws, springs, corks and pads, and examine every key for bends.  We go over EVERYTHING with a fine tooth comb, making careful notes to ensure nothing is missed.

At no charge we provide you with a firm price, and time-frame (usually 5 working days).

We meticulously straighten keys to their perfect, original position. We replace corks and pads (only using genuine cork and premium woven felt). We tune everything precisely so all keys move with ease and your instrument plays at the perfect pressure.  If it’s economically prudent, we will also remove dents (as discussed with you).

Using a series of highly-specialised lights we examine your instrument for air leaks. Even tiny, hair-line gaps can allow up to 17% of your breath to escape.  Fine tuning restores the pure sound to your instrument making it responsive to even your lightest breath.  Subtle tones will be possible again.

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As a performing musician we have high expectations about how an instrument should play. We really put your instrument through its paces to make sure everything is perfect. If an extra adjustment is needed, we’ll do it.

We’ll leave your instrument to settle overnight — give any new parts a chance to bed in.  This critical step ensures perfect tune and playability.

We’ll then give it a final
test and make extra adjustments as needed.

If there’s any reason you are unhappy with your repair, just let us know and we’ll make further adjustments at our expense.


New Instruments Sales

At Tom Sparkes we sell a full range of new instruments. From fully professional ‘top of the line’ instruments that are hand-selected for the perfect pairing of musician and instrument, to good quality student instruments that will get a new player off to the best start possible without compromise.

All too often I’m dismayed to learn that a promising student has given up music because they ‘found it too hard’. These are nearly always students who have been given poor quality instruments to learn on. In over twenty years as an instrument wholesaler and retailer I constantly note that the players who advance quicker and who enjoy music the most are those who have the best instruments in the best condition.At Tom Sparkes we also often carry some of the less common instruments; if you’re looking for a cor anglais, a piccolo, an Eb clarinet or something else out of the ordinary call us and see what we have in stock.aragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

Second-Hand Instrument Sales

We often carry good quality second hand instruments; both student and professional. All used instruments have been fully serviced and come with a minimum 6 month warranty. 

Included in the cost of any new instrument are:

  • GST (of course)

  • A full ‘set up’ service to make sure your new instrument is in perfect working order.

  • A free lesson with the player about proper assembly, cleaning, day-to-day care and maintenance

  • A full 12 month warranty regardless of manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Any free advice you need for as long as you own the instrument.

  • Discounted servicing.   

If you’re looking for a less common instrument or something out of the ordinary call us and see what we have in stock.

Custom Made Oboes

Tom Sparkes are the only woodwind instrument manufacturer in Australia.

We build a full range of oboes, from the TS200D machined plastic oboe, up to the TS5000M professional instrument with gold plated keywork. We use a variety of woods from Australia and the rest of the world, and work closely with clients when building our bespoke oboes.


Tom Sparkes oboes feature many innovations which are now being copied by other manufacturers, such as our maintenance-reducing polycarbonate adjusting screws, and pivot screw- free design. All Tom Sparkes oboes feature a right hand trill key, low Bb key, long F key and 3rd octave key. Professional models add a split low D key and G# curl key.

If you’re in the market for a new oboe unlike any other in the world contact us to discuss your dream instrument.


About Tom Sparks Instrument Repairs


Tom Sparkes Instrument Repairs is proudly owned and operated by Rob Stammers, a passionate musician, father and highly accomplished repairer.

The Company was founded in the late 1950s by Tom Sparkes, a successful Sydney musician and designer of the ‘Tom Sparkes Oboe’.  Working out of his garage in Wahroonga, he gained a reputation as the finest woodwind repairer in Australia with a ‘players’ touch’ and meticulous eye for detail and innovation.  Rob has since added brass and guitar repairs to the company’s mission statement after researching and studying the most innovative and successful repair techniques. He is committed to discussing every customer’s needs on a personal level to keep him out in front of all other instrument repairers in Australia.

 Proud member of the Australian Music Association


"Tom Sparkes Instrument Repairs
have been looking after my horns for the last 30 years.
Rob sets my saxes up just how I like them and they play spectacularly after they have worked their magic."

Kirk Pengilly



6/103 Hunter Street, Hornsby,
NSW, 2077

02 94 777 133


Monday - Friday
9am - 5pm

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