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Why your instrument needs servicing

The five reasons most instruments don’t play properly, and what you can do about it.

  1. It’s been played for too long without maintenance… People often think they have a bad reed, or are out of practice when it’s the instrument not working. And they don’t even realise.
  2. It was serviced badly… Only the most experienced repairer can get the best from your instrument.
  3. It never worked properly from new… Many instruments aren’t set up properly from the factory or have suffered transit damage, or have settled and aren’t performing to potential.
  4. It’s not a good instrument… Many instruments, particularly cheap imports and those bought over the internet are designed so poorly that they’ll never work well.
  5. No one told me I had to get it serviced… Many teachers forget to tell their students about the importance of regular care and maintenance. Some people just don’t realise.

There’s nothing like holding a correctly tuned instrument to your lips and feeling the perfect pressure as you blow.  Every ounce of your breath used by the instrument to create melody – nothing lost through leaks.  Hearing the pure sound radiate like ‘magic from a wand’ – reflecting off surfaces in the room and… filling the world with music. That’s what motivates young musicians.  That’s what wins band competitions.  As young minds soak up your instruction and apply practice, they long for progress – to hear their own improvement.  A finely tuned instrument gives them this gift – a true reflection of their talent and dedication. This is when the sparkle appears in young musicians’ eyes, and motivation really takes hold.  What happens from there… well, that really is magic.

At Tom Sparkes Instrument Repairs, nothing is left to chance.

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A finely tuned instrument allows a musician to reveal their gift – a true reflection of their talent and dedication.


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